Wyatt’s Back to School Supplies

When Variety Kid Wyatt started middle school this year, he had many supplies on-hand, including pencils, books, a backpack, and more. He also started the year with a new tool – an insulin pump – and, with it, a new sense of freedom.

In May, Wyatt was diagnosed with diabetes. And with this diagnosis came a decrease in his independence.

Wyatt is a pediatric stroke survivor who experiences weakness on the right side of his body, including his right hand. Because of this, he is completely dependent on others to provide critical insulin shots, and every meal or snack must be supervised.  

The solution is an insulin pump, which monitors Wyatt’s insulin levels and administers the correct amount of insulin without the need for a shot. But Wyatt’s mom, Melissa, shares that their insurance company will not cover it. That’s why she reached out to Variety, and we have since provided Wyatt with the important device, thanks to the help of our generous supporters.  

“Thankfully, the wonderful people at Variety stepped in and took a very big burden from us,” Melissa says.

Now, Wyatt is tackling a new challenge – middle school – with more confidence and independence, thanks to this little tool that is changing his life.

“Wyatt is able to start middle school and not have to worry about being different,” says Melissa.

“I can’t tell you the difference the insulin pump is making in his life,” she continues. “He no longer has to wait for someone else to dose him. He can do it all himself. He really does feel free!”

Thank you to our supporters who make it possible for us to provide Variety Kids like Wyatt with these vital and life-changing tools. You can learn more about our Durable Medical Equipment program, which provides access to hearing aids, wheelchairs, communication devices and much more, to local kids and teens with disabilities, here.

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