We’re Still Here: One Year Later
Variety Kid Maeve smiles behind her mask as she rides her new adaptive bike for the first time at Variety's Bikes for Kids.

This past year will be remembered for many things, not the least of which are the challenges we faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and how, together, we adapted to overcome them.

Children with disabilities are among those most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and many of their families have been heavily impacted by the global health crisis. Variety Families are often challenged with the costs of raising a child with unique needs, and this financial insecurity paired with concern for their children can be overwhelming. The pandemic has only magnified their anxiety and fears.


Joseph Grows into New Legs
Variety Kid Joseph sits at his doctor's office while wearing one of his new prosthetic legs.

Variety Kid Joseph just won’t stop growing! At almost three years old, he keeps getting taller and stronger every day.

But that means he also keeps growing out of the prosthetic legs that make it possible for him to walk, play and, most importantly, be as independent as possible.

When Joseph’s prosthetics get too small, they become very uncomfortable and make it difficult for him to move and do all of the things he normally does every day. So, it is very important that he is able to continue to access these important tools as he continues to grow. But they are very...

Advocating for Your Child
Graphic that shows a Variety mom and her two daughters as well as the title "Advocating for Your Child."

We have teamed up with Nurse Lori Roa to bring you a series of blogs for caregivers. As both a registered nurse and a mom, Lori has excellent insight and ideas on multiple topics that we hope will help Variety Families, and all parents, on their caregiving journey. Click here for last week’s blog on identifying and combating Caregiver Strain.

Advocating for Your Child

In nursing school, nurses are taught to advocate for their patients with no exception. We are taught how to interpret doctor’s...

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