Durable Medical Equipment

84% of Variety Families said that the equipment their children received from Variety increased their independence.

Variety’s Durable Medical Equipment program provides funding for vital tools to financially eligible children with special needs, regardless of insurance status. These life-changing pieces of equipment make it possible for Variety Kids to independently access their worlds.

Equipment like wheelchairs, walkers and orthotics give Variety Kids the independence to move on their own. Communication devices and hearing aids build the confidence children need to communicate with friends and family.

Accessible vans and van lifts allow Variety families to transport children with mobility needs to and from school, doctor’s appointments and family outings. Therapeutic bicycles, designed specifically for a child’s needs, ensure that each child experiences the strength, balance and social benefits of riding a bike.

All of the equipment we provide makes a difference in the lives of Variety Kids, empowering them to attain new heights never imagined before.

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“Camden requires so much equipment and we wouldn’t be able to afford half of what we have if it wasn’t for Variety. It really allows him to just be a kid.” – Aysha, Camden’s mom