Therapeutic Bikes

Owning a bike is a rite of passage for any child. Bikes give children the freedom and independence to explore the world, play outside with friends and family, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

That’s why Variety hosts our annual Bikes for Kids event, when we provide therapeutic and standard bikes to kids and teens with physical and developmental disabilities living in the greater St. Louis region. The Therapeutic Bike application is open throughout the year, so apply today!

Therapeutic bikes are built for those who cannot ride a standard, two-wheeled bike, with or without training wheels. These bikes are adapted specifically for the rider’s needs and can include any combination of special features such as higher seatbacks, pedal straps, caregiver steering mechanisms, larger frames, hand pedals, and much more.

If your child with a disability is unable to ride a standard bicycle due to challenges such as difficulties with balance or limited strength, an adapted therapeutic bike may be needed. To receive a therapeutic bike for your child, you will need to submit an application that requires additional medical and financial documentation. To ensure services for those who need it most, Variety’s therapeutic bikes program serves families with an adjusted gross income of less than $85,000. Each application is reviewed on an individual basis. Variety considers applications from families with a higher adjusted gross income if special circumstances, such as a loss of income or additional expenses, apply.

For more information, or to start the application process today, contact Anna Wilde via email or call 314-720-7709. We do accept applications for therapeutic bikes year-round, but please note that, because of high demand, there is typically a wait list for these bikes.

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Standard Bikes

Variety considers “standard bikes” to be two-wheeled bicycles that may be purchased at major retail stores. Each year, during our Bikes for Kids event, we give away standard bikes in multiple sizes, with training wheels available to be added to 12″ and 16″ bikes only.

Requests for standard bikes typically open each year in later summer in preparation for our annual Bikes for Kids event. Unlike therapeutic bikes, you do not need to demonstrate a level of financial need to receive a standard bike for your child, but your child does need to have a medically diagnosed disability.

Questions about standard bikes? Please contact Robin Diehl via email or phone at 314-720-7717 for more info.

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