Tobias Has a Place of His Own

Variety Kid Tobias now has a place in his house he can call his very own, thanks to Variety and our supporters! This new spot is a Leckey Pal Chair, which is giving him the stability and comfort he needs to independently work and play.

“This chair helps Tobias so much,” says Cindi, Tobias’ mom. “It gives him a stable place to try new foods, play with his toys and work with his teachers and therapists. It really gives him a sense of independence.”

The Leckey Pal Chair makes it a lot easier for Tobias to do his therapy exercises and other activities at home. It even has the capability to rock slightly, which helps Tobias build balance and strengthen his leg muscles. All of this has been especially helpful during the pandemic, making it possible for Tobias to keep up with his work and his health while staying safe.  

Cindi says that the chair is even helping her get things done throughout the day as well. For example, she can set Tobias up in his chair in the kitchen so that she can cook dinner, all while knowing he is secure and having fun.

Beyond this vital medical equipment, Cindi shares that being a part of the Variety family has been “unreal.”

“They (Variety) are so friendly, kind and helpful,” she says. “They never make us feel like we’re different. They reach out with really fun activities and ideas that our family loves.”

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