Joseph Grows into New Legs

Variety Kid Joseph just won’t stop growing! At almost three years old, he keeps getting taller and stronger every day.

But that means he also keeps growing out of the prosthetic legs that make it possible for him to walk, play and, most importantly, be as independent as possible.

When Joseph’s prosthetics get too small, they become very uncomfortable and make it difficult for him to move and do all of the things he normally does every day. So, it is very important that he is able to continue to access these important tools as he continues to grow. But they are very expensive – one set costs as much as $18,000!

That’s where Variety comes in.

Just last month, Joseph received his fourth pair of prosthetic legs, thanks to the generosity of Variety’s supporters. Covered in a fun dinosaur print, these legs are already making a difference in Joseph’s everyday life.

“He loves them,” says Joseph’s mom, Deonna. “He was walking so much better after just a few hours!”

Without these prosthetic legs, Joseph would have a very different life. He would be unable to play with his sister or dance to his favorite songs. And he wouldn’t get the chance to run on the playground or play sports when he is older.

Without these vital tools, Joseph wouldn’t be able to just be a kid, and we are thankful to our supporters for continuing to make that possible for him, year after year and set after set of prosthetic legs.

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