Ryan Stands Up to Learn

For a long time, Variety Kid Ryan wasn’t able to use the smartboard in his classroom. The manual wheelchair he was using sat at a height too low to reach the board, limiting his participation in classroom activities.

But, a few months ago, Ryan received his very first power wheelchair with help from Variety St. Louis. The power chair came complete with a standing feature, helping Ryan to stand up for the first time.

Ryan’s dad, Joseph, shared this photo with us, taken by Ryan’s teacher in January, showing just how important Ryan’s standing power wheelchair has been to his education.

“Ryan thought it was so awesome that he could get up and write on the smartboard!” said Joseph. “Something most kids take for granted and maybe don’t even want to do is a big deal for Ryan.”

Joseph went on to share that standing at the board is just one of the many things that Ryan’s power chair makes possible for him.

“It gives him the power to do things the other kids are doing,” Joseph said. “We really appreciate all you guys do and for helping us get this chair. Thanks so much for always being there for us and other families!”

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