Tennyson’s Helpful Helmet

Tennyson is a big fan of the St. Louis Blues. And with his new helmet, he even looks like a super cool hockey player!

This helmet is important to Tennyson’s health as he grows. He was born with torticollis, which means his head twists to one side. Because of this, he sleeps flat on his back, causing a severe flat spot. The helmet will correct this flat spot, ensuring he doesn’t grow with a misshapen head, which could also negatively affect his vision (and his ability to watch the Blues!).

Tennyson’s dad, Tom, shares that he had never even heard of torticollis nor the potential need for a helmet before his son was born.  

“Receiving this diagnosis was a curveball and we were overwhelmed when insurance didn’t cover the cost (of the helmet),” Tom says.

After they heard back from insurance, Tennyson’s parents reached out to Variety St. Louis. Thanks to help from our donors, we were able to fund Tennyson’s helmet so that he can get the support he needs as he grow up. And so he can keep watching and cheering on his St. Louis Blues!

“We are so very thankful for Variety’s generosity and assistance with getting the helmet,” Tom says. “It was an easy process, and we can’t express our gratitude in words. Thank you all so much.”

Read more about Variety’s Durable Medical Equipment program, which helps St. Louis-area children with disabilities, like Tennyson, receive access to the tools they need.

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