Sophia’s Safe Space

Just like many kids her age, when Variety Kid Sophia is looking to relax and wind down, she heads to her room to hang out on her bed. At night, she happily snuggles up for sweet dreams and sound sleep.

But this hasn’t always been a reality for her.

Until just a few months ago, Sophia practically refused to sleep in her bed, instead choosing to sleep on the floor of her room. Her mom, Virginia, was worried about her – not only was this uncomfortable, it was also unsafe.

But when Sophia’s new Safety Bed, provided with help from Variety and our supporters, arrived, she immediately fell in love.

“Sophia doesn’t show a lot of emotion,” Virginia explains. “But when she got this bed, she was excited…I can tell how happy it has made her.”

The Safety Bed makes use of a comfortable mattress, mesh walls and stable posts to keep Sophia safe while she sleeps or just hangs out. It has made it possible for her to have a space of her own, while giving her mom peace of mind.

“I feel so much more comfortable knowing she has such an amazing bed that is safe for her AND that she loves so much,” Virginia says.

Virginia goes to say that this bed is a huge blessing for their family. They are very grateful for the assistance as Safety Beds can cost a significant amount and aren’t often covered by insurance.

“Thank you for making such a big difference in our lives,” she says.

Learn more about our Durable Medical Equipment program, which provides kids and teens with disabilities with safety beds, wheelchairs, communication devices and much more, here.

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