Rediscovering Josh: From Tragedy to Joy

When Brenda and Aaron Luter’s 19-year-old son Josh was involved in a motorcycle accident, he was instantly transformed from a strapping ROTC trainee and aviation student to a Variety Kid with overwhelming support needs.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury, dissected arteries, multiple strokes, and a series of broken bones. Along with the ability to walk, talk, and communicate – Josh lost his smile.

Josh’s parents struggled with how they could avoid sending him to a permanent care facility. They reached out to Variety and requested the medical equipment needed to help them confidently provide for Josh’s everyday needs. Variety jumped into action, making sure the equipment was on-hand when Josh returned home ten months after the accident. It was then that Josh’s smile returned. 

Now, you can see Josh in action! This video is a great way to get to know the new Josh through the eyes of his parents. His incredible progress wouldn’t be possible without friends like you.

Will you join us with a gift to support Variety Kids’ basic needs? Children with disabilities often require specialized tools and adapted programs to engage the world around them. Your support empowers kids like Josh and gives immeasurable hope to their families.

Your gift will also impact an age group that is often overlooked: 18-21 year-olds. These young adults with disabilities often age-out of youth-focused programs which significantly limits their resources. When you give to Variety, you fill a crucial gap in a child’s transition into adulthood.

Ways to Give:

  • Mail a check addressed to: Variety the Children’s Charity St. Louis, 11840 Westline Industrial Drive, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63146.
  • Call 314-720-7700 to complete your gift over the phone, make a tribute, discuss employer match, or get your other questions answered.

We do not want to turn any child away for lack of resources, but we cannot do it alone. With your commitment to Variety Kids, we move closer to creating a world where children’s abilities are redefined and their possibilities reimagined. Thank you!

Variety provides Josh with the following equipment:

THERAPEUTIC EQUIPMENT: including a stander which improves circulation and helps his body learn to bear weight.

BATH CHAIR SYSTEM: makes it possible for one person to bathe Josh without risk of injury.

SAFETY BED: provides a safe space for Josh to sleep that raises and lowers with enough room for his dog to lounge with him.

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