Gingerbread Decorating Day

In honor of Gingerbread House Decorating Day on December 12th, we’re excited to share an exclusive Variety Holiday House coloring page for all kids and kids-at-heart! It’s time to deck the halls with your favorite colors and hints of all things festive and sweet!

This page showcases a Variety Holiday House, complete with accessible entry and a cookie-inspired welcome sign! Download a copy of the coloring page and enjoy decorating gingerbread houses this holiday season without a mess in the kitchen. Print as many colors as you’d like and share with your friends! This is one gingerbread house activity you can take with you wherever you go– at home, in the car, or at Grandma’s house.

We’d love to see your Gingerbread Masterpieces! Send a photo to and we’ll post it in the Variety office for everyone to see during the Christmas season!


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