Krishna is On the Move

When Krishna’s family moved to the United States from India in 2006, everything was new – their home, language, resources, and community. They came prepared to welcome their newborn daughter into this new life. While they expected challenges, they were completely unprepared for the complications that arose in the first months of Krishna’s life. Krishna was diagnosed with a genetic mutation from birth that caused various disabilities, including epilepsy.

Krishna spent the first nine months of her life in and out of the hospital. Doctors identified that she was suffering from chronic seizures and, after much trial and error, found the right combination of medications to control the seizures and provide some peace to Krishna’s life.

Krishna’s diagnosis came with a new reality: she was and always would be completely nonverbal and dependent on her parents to take care of her. That news didn’t stop her parents from seeking ways to support, educate, and provide for their daughter’s unique needs.  

They joined a support group for families that have kids with disabilities. During one of the group sessions, someone referred Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis to Krishna’s parents. At the time, she was quickly outgrowing her stroller and activity chair. Variety stepped in and made sure Krishna had both pieces of equipment so that she could be more mobile and have a comfortable place to sit and interact with her family throughout the day.

Krishna’s father Venkat shares, “We are so grateful that we were in touch with Variety. Variety is the only source right now where Krishna is getting help. We tried to get help from one or two other organizations, but it didn’t work out. We are so grateful to Variety for helping us meet Krishna’s needs.”

The stroller made a big change in Krishna’s life! Venkat shares, “She’s 17 years old now and she’s able to get out and about! In the summer, we can take her for walks and go outside. The activity chair is also very helpful. Before she had it, she would sit in a position that was not comfortable. But this chair makes such a difference! It provides a comfortable place for her to sit at home and it will last her many years.”

Krishna loves to be around people! While she may be nonverbal, she has found ways to express her needs and contentment. She enjoys music and story time at school. Krishna is a very happy girl! As she continues to grow and needs updated equipment, her parents are grateful that they have a source for continued support and care.

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