Andrew Achieves His Impossible

For a while, many things felt nearly impossible to Variety Kid Andrew. He suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident when he was just four years old, leaving him unable to walk. But that didn’t keep him from doing one of the things he loved most – swimming.

Over the years, Andrew has continued improving his strength, confidence and more through swimming, and also with a little help from Variety. At Variety’s Adventure Camp, he can often be found jumping off the diving board and racing through the water.

“Since participating in Variety’s Adventure Camp, Andrew learned that ‘impossible’ is only a word – there are a lot of possibilities,” says Tina, Andrew’s grandma.

This year, at 12 years old, Andrew has joined his local swim team. He has loved practicing every day, further improving both his skills and his self-esteem.

Earlier this summer, Andrew fully conquered his fears the day he swam in his first swim meet. He swam 50 meters and took home third place in his heat, earning points for his team!

Andrew, we are so proud of you for achieving your impossible and for placing in your very first swim meet. Congratulations!

To learn more about Variety’s Adventure Camp program and how it helps kids and teens with disabilities build self-esteem and more, haga clic aquí.

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