Isabel Focuses on Fun at Virtual Camp

Like many students, Variety Kid Isabel struggled during virtual school this past year. It was hard for her to stay focused and engaged, which made learning difficult. Because of this, her mom, Janie, was a little concerned about how Isabel would handle Variety’s Virtual Adventure Camp.

As it turns out, she didn’t have to worry one bit.

“Isabel has trouble focusing daily but has had absolutely no problem staying focused for four hours (of Virtual Camp) with a few breaks,” Janie said. “I am amazed and it’s a testament to how fun your camp is and how well trained your camp counselors are!”

Janie went on to share that the counselors were particularly skilled at making Isabel feel safe, welcome and heard.

“The counselors did a fantastic job of welcoming Isabel back after she became upset and ran off camera during an activity that she felt she had ‘messed up,” said Janie. “They did a great job explaining that it’s perfectly okay to use her imagination to make any project she wanted and that it’s okay to start over!”

“I have always been hesitant to send Isabel to a summer camp, but I would send her to any of your camps after our experience,” she continued. “I am truly impressed with your program and how well your staff has worked with Isabel since day one.”

She also wanted to thank all those who made this memorable virtual adventure possible for Isabel and other Variety Kids, saying, “Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity you provide for our kiddos with special needs!”

To learn more about our Adventure Camp program, which provides kids and teens with disabilities with a free day camp experience, click here.

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