Empowering the Hagan Family

Few families embody the mission and spirit of Variety as extensively as the Hagan Family. All three of their children have benefitted from Variety’s core programs, and we’ve enjoyed watching them develop and thrive thanks to greater access to therapy and adaptive equipment.

Savannah, the oldest, is a long-time TherHappy Kid, receiving speech and social therapies as well as physical therapy to address balance issues caused by a spinal condition. Savannah has also found a community of friends in Variety’s Performing Arts programs, singing and dancing on stage while amazing her family with her newfound skills and determination.

The Hagan’s middle child, Brenton, is on the autism spectrum and did not speak until he was two years old. After intensive speech, occupational, and physical therapies, Brenton has transformed from being a shy boy to a friendly, outgoing, and talkative young man.

Last, but not least, is the youngest Hagan, Tanner. He lived with chronic pain at an early age due to extremely tight calves. Now, thanks to custom orthotics and consistent physical therapy, Tanner runs and jumps and explore his world without chronic pain. It is almost impossible to keep up with him!

Providing for one child with special needs can be daunting to any parent, let alone three children with varying levels of physical and developmental challenges. When you support Variety Kids, you empower whole families like the Hagans who gain access to the resources they need to focus directly on their children’s growth. The only things that the Hagan’s now need to worry about is keeping up with their enthusiastic and confident kids!

You can show your support to Variety families with a gift of any amount today. Savannah, Brenton, and Tanner thank you on behalf of all Variety Kids.

**Watch a video feature on the Hagan Family here.**

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