Colton’s Accessible World

When Colton was born, doctors told his mother, Latrice, that she should not expect him to live longer than a year. But Latrice was not willing to accept that.

For the first few years of his life, Colton spent most of his time in hospitals and at doctor appointments to address his medical complexities. As he was able to be home more often, Latrice knew they needed more resources to be able to support him at home.

They applied to become a Variety Family requesting a specialized mobility chair. This equipment allows Colton to have better access to his environment and engage the world around him. The chair has been life-changing for Colton and the entire family. 

In his new chair, Colton now sees things from a new perspective, and his family sees a noticeable improvement in his overall happiness.

Still, as Colton continued to grow, so did his sleeping issue. Colton was regularly falling out of traditional beds and getting hurt. Other bed options did not provide the necessary support and safety. Latrice was not sure where to turn. 

Once again Colton and his family reached out to Variety for help. Thanks to a committed base of generous supporters, Variety was able to provide Colton with a specialized safety bed that Latrice says has completely changed their lives. 

Even within the first day with his new bed, Colton was already loving the personal space and independence it provided. Latrice feels an overwhelming sense of relief now that her son can spend time in his bed, comfortably and safely. 

To Variety’s donors, Latrice explains, “when you donate, you make a huge different in people’s lives.”  

Colton and his family are so grateful to those who give to Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis because those gifts provide children with the essential equipment they need.

**Watch a video of Latrice and Colton here.**

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