Paul’s Fearlessness

The stage has always been a place where Paul feels empowered to be himself. As he explains, “whenever I’m on stage singing and dancing, I feel exhilarated!” 

While Paul has always loved performing, it has been difficult for him to find a place to let his talents shine. Often, performance programs treated him different and made him feel unnatural and judged.

Paul says that Variety has given him a place to express himself and his disability in a way that is authentic to who he truly is. With Variety Performing Arts, Paul says he feels like his possibilities are endless!

The program is structured to help Variety Kids focus on their own personal goals while also providing a creative outlet to express themselves.

Paul’s parents are not only proud of Paul’s performing arts talents, but are also in awe of his bravery and fearlessness. John, Paul’s father, describes how amazing it is to see Paul free from judgement, comfortable with the fact that people are watching him perform. 

Paul’s family members are not the only ones who have others noticed a difference in him since participating in Variety’s Performing Arts programs. Paul has also seen a difference in himself, emphasizing that Variety has “helped him develop as a person.” 

Art offers an incredible platform for kids to gain experience and develop their self-confidence. Variety provides kids these opportunities to shine thanks to our community of supporters. 

Paul’s father says that one of the things he loves about Variety Theatre is how it helps all kids become the best they can be. Paul is incredibly thankful that he has found a way to express himself and grow as a person and a performer! 

**Watch a full video of Paul and his father, John, sharing about Paul’s journey as a Variety Kid here.**

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