Andrew's Story

Andrew can't talk. He can't walk. What he can do is dream.

Ten years ago, Andrew and his mom, Ann, were afraid to dream too big. “Especially when they are little, you just have no idea what that child’s life is going to be like,” says Ann. “You’re not thinking of college, you’re not thinking of jobs, it’s just too soon – sometimes all you can focus on is the next day.”

That was until Andrew started attending Variety’s Adventure Camp.

For the first time, Andrew was able to just be a kid. Andrew says it best, “I got to go to places I had never been before and I got to do activities I didn’t think I could do, like rock climbing!”

Now, 10 years later, Andrew is still at camp, but not as a camper. He is officially working as a sports specialist – his very first job. “Variety can’t give Andrew a million dollars, but you gave him the chance to be able to say ‘I was at work,’” says Ann. “You can tell how proud he is of that.”

Andrew will be able to use this experience on his college applications and future resumes to show schools or potential bosses that he is more than capable of taking on any challenge. Ann is confident that he will achieve all of this and more - she has finally started to allow herself to dream big. And so has Andrew.

“Variety gives people hope,” Ann says.

As you can see, Camp is so much more to our Variety Kids than a day of fun. It’s a day of new challenges, making friends and gaining the confidence to do all of this outside of Camp, and for years to come.

So, when you support Variety’s Adventure Camp, you are also supporting the futures of our campers, like Andrew.

“Thank you for making Adventure Camp possible each summer,” says Andrew. “By donating to Variety, you will be helping a child with special needs enjoy life like any other kid. You can help make that dream come true.”

Donate today to keep the hopes and dreams of Variety Kids alive.