Winter Rides with Confidence

For a long time, riding a bike was difficult for Variety Kid Winter. She has mobility, strength, and endurance challenges that prevent her from riding a typical, two-wheel bike.

But Winter always longed to get out and ride.

Last year, Variety provided Winter with a therapeutic bike of her very own. This bike has been adapted specifically for Winter and her needs, including a seat belt and pedal straps to keep her in place, handlebars better positioned so she can control where she wants to go, and more.

Now, nothing is holding Winter back from riding her bike independently and confidently.

“The bike gives Winter the confidence she needs to be encouraged to use her legs more,” says Michele, Winter’s mom. “And the repetitive motion will ultimately help her learn how to walk!”

You read that right – by riding her therapeutic bike and having fun, Winter will be able to walk further and more often than ever before. The possibilities are endless!

Michele would also like to say a word of thanks to Variety’s supporters, who made it possible for Winter to receive access to this very special bike.

Thank you for blessing my daughter with the fun she deserves,” Michele says. “Her smile tells it all – as soon as she sees her bike, she just lights up with excitement! There’s nothing more precious in the world than that. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts! 

To learn more about Variety’s Bikes for Kids program, click here.

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