Tre Shines On-Stage and Off

“Bravo!” the audience shouted as Variety’s Curtain Call performers took their final bows. Tre was among the 40 talented Variety Kids and Teens who spent their last weeks of summer learning all about musical theatre, practicing lines, and rehearsing choreography for the showcase performance.

Almost no one could have predicted that Tre would be such a charismatic force on stage – especially the doctors who thought he would never walk or talk.

At only three days old, Tre was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis, a rare condition where the bones in the skull join together too early. He would soon undergo surgery to create space for his brain to grow, but doctors warned his mother, Camesha, that he could experience developmental delays.

Terrified and unsure about her son’s future, Camesha knew she could not give up until she found the right resources for Tre to recover and ultimately flourish. That’s when she discovered Variety.

Variety supplied Tre a specialty helmet that allowed him to heal from surgery, but perhaps more importantly, opened a world of possibilities.

Since connecting with Variety, Tre has taken full advantage of the enrichment programs, participating in Adventure Camp, Winter Camp, Variety Chorus, Variety Dance, Curtain Call, and even performing at Variety Unbound in front of hundreds of supporters!

“Tre has found his people, and he feels comfortable in his own skin,” shares Camesha.

Not only has Tre made incredible strides on stage, but his progress goes far beyond singing, dancing, and acting. Both Tre and his mom are grateful to be a part of a supportive community that encourages social interaction and creative expression.

“Since we found Variety, his self-esteem has bolstered,” notes Camesha.

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