The Beauty of Curtain Call

Variety Kids proudly took center stage on Friday, August 18 to showcase their hard work and musical theatre talents. As they took their final bows, more than 40 passionate young performers received resounding ovations from a captivated audience of family, friends, and Variety supporters.

Curtain Call offers fully inclusive experiences for kids and teens of all abilities, helping unleash their talents on stage while creating lasting friendships in the process. This unique opportunity EMPOWERS kids to not only sharpen skills such as singing, acting, and dancing but also to celebrate their individuality through creative expression!

In anticipation of her Variety debut, Director Mandy Modic spent months planning out Curtain Call with Variety Theatre veteran Drew Humphrey. Mandy was eager to pass on her love of performing but also excited to learn from Variety Kids and Teens!

“These kids are incredible. They have no inhibitions – they just go for it and try things. As adults, we sometimes stop doing that. It’s exciting to pass new knowledge on to them, but also learn because I’m still a performer as well,” explains Mandy.

With the help of supportive, enthusiastic staff members and talented professionals leading the way, participants rehearsed scenes, songs, and choreography. Curtain Call also brings in experts to teach about theatre production, lighting, sound, dramaturgy, and much more. 

Throughout the two-week musical theatre intensive, the Curtain Call team and participants’ families noticed significant progress in performance skills, production knowledge, arts appreciation, and self-confidence!

As one parent describes, “Variety provides a special opportunity for my daughter to express her creativity – to work with a team of encouraging, caring individuals and wonderful peers. She is always engaged and beaming when we pick her up from Curtain Call!”

Thank you to all those who make inclusive arts experiences possible for Variety Kids!

Curtain Call Photos

Missed the performance? Be our guest and check out these incredible photos from rehearsals and the final showcase!

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