At 5pm, @FOX2now will tell you how hot it is, AND how cool @VarietyStL Adventure Camp is. Tune in. FOX2
To entice you to see our Week 3 Camp photos on Facebook, here's a taste. Just a taste  
FOX2 @ camp FOX2 was out at camp the other day to do a story that's supposed to air next week. We'll let you know when as soon as we find out.
What Camp means This speaks to the power of Adventure Camp. Hoping for more results like this as Week 3 begins.
Each of our scrapbooks is made with 100% All-American fun. As you're about to see for yourself. Right here. Enjoy! Week 2
Just a reminder that the second week of Adventure Camp has begun. Check our Facebook page for a daily photographic roundup of action/events/fun. Cooling down
The first week of this year's Adventure Camp is over. But the memories, and this video retrospective, will live on. And yes, there'll be a video after every week of camp. Unless we drop the camera in the pool. Week 1 Camp
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