Leah is Amazing

Through Variety’s inclusive Performing Arts programs, Variety Kid Leah has grown and flourished into a confident young lady. Like all kids and teens in these programs, she is very talented, and it has been a joy to watch her build her self-esteem each time she steps onto the stage.  

Recently, Leah has had the chance to shine in a different spotlight. She participated in the virtual 2021 Missouri Miss Amazing event and is now the 2021 Missouri Preteen! In the pageant, she performed her talents of singing and piano playing, and her smile shown on stage.

By winning the Missouri Preteen title, Leah was given the chance to move on to the National Miss Amazing event. This pageant recently took place in Nashville, TN, and Leah had a great time performing and getting to know other participants.  

The Miss Amazing events are great ways for girls with disabilities to build self-esteem. The organization focuses on empowering the girls involved, fostering friendships between them, and giving them the opportunity to shift others’ perceptions of disabilities.

Here at Variety, we have a similar vision of a world where abilities are redefined, and possibilities are reimagined. And we are proud of Leah for getting out there and spreading this message for all to hear.

Congratulations, Leah, on your Miss Amazing title – you truly are amazing, and we can’t wait to see how far you go!

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