Variety Remembers Marilyn Fox

Marilyn Fox’s devotion to children with special needs and their families was unmatched. For a woman and mother who was so accomplished on the world’s stage, she possessed a particular admiration, humility, and respect for mothers of children with special needs.

“Marilyn effortlessly forged connections with Variety Kids, sharing in their steadfast optimism,” notes Variety Board Chair, Mike Lefton.

“She believed deeply that every child, regardless of their abilities, deserves our unconditional love and support. She was a true inspiration and a shining example of what it means to be charitable.”

Marilyn’s role as Chair of Variety’s Dinner with the Stars galas for two decades helped raise tens of millions of dollars for Variety while increasing awareness for the needs of these remarkable children. She challenged leaders throughout the community to join her in support of Variety’s mission to do more.

She was also the catalyst for the formation of Variety’s Adventure Camp program which provides adapted experiences and encourages active participation to reimagine possibilities. Her incredible generosity and optimism were most evident during her countless visits with Variety Kids.

“Each summer, Marilyn made sure to pay a special visit to Adventure Camp to connect with the kids,” explains Brian Roy, Variety’s Chief Executive Officer. “She had an ability to meet each kid on their level and create a bond almost instantly.”

Marilyn’s infectious joy and belief in each child’s future made her a champion of Variety’s mission. Her legacy will endure through the impact she made on the lives of tens of thousands of Variety Kids.

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