Meilyn’s New Voice

For many children like Meilyn, finding their voice can be a struggle. Thanks to a new communication device from Variety, Meilyn has found her voice! Now she can communicate with not only the world, but most importantly, her parents.

By the end of the first day with the device she was already having success. The first thing she requested was to read books. She was thrilled as her mom handed her as many books as she wanted.

“Seeing the smile on her face when she requests something and we understand what she wants is such a beautiful gift that you have given our Family,” says Jenna, Meilyn’s mom.  

Quickly, like any child, Meilyn discovered the power of her voice. Late one night she had a very special request for a bedtime snack – ice cream.  So excited by this step, Meilyn’s Dad immediately rushed out to grab some. She smiled the whole time as she ate because her parents could understand her wants and needs. 

While these requests may seem like a small step to some, this device has allowed her to further her communication skills. Her family has been able to help her more effectively than ever before.

Meilyn’s new communication skills have given her more confidence than ever. She is now able to put words to all the things she knows. She can say her brother’s name, tell her parents what she wants to eat, if she wants to play. 

“We are so excited to see this new world open up for her,” says Jenna. “ We just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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