Jenna Conquers Musical Theatre Challenges with Your Help

Thanks to our supporters, Variety Teen Jenna has been given the opportunity to perform in professional musical productions through Variety Theatre. In the letter below, she shares just how much of a difference Variety’s Performing Arts program has made for her and others in the program.

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My name is Jenna! I will play the role of Zaneeta in Variety Theatre’s upcoming production of “The Music Man”, and I have performed on the Variety stage every year since “The Wizard of Oz” in 2017.

My years in the inclusive Children’s Ensemble have taught me so much about performing arts and myself. With each Variety Theatre production, my confidence keeps on growing. I can’t wait to take on a principal role!

I wear cochlear implants because I have a hearing impairment. I use them to communicate, and they help me make friends.

But, at Variety, none of that matters! That’s because Variety Theatre shows are always absolutely magical in so many ways. Even just running a number in rehearsal is exhilarating – sometimes, I dance so hard my cochlear implants come flying off! Plus, I’ve met some of my best friends through Variety.

Being profoundly deaf in musical theatre has its challenges, but Variety Theatre empowers kids and teens with disabilities, like me, to have the confidence to thrive on stage. Thank you to all who make it possible!



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