Imo’s Pizza and Variety teamed up once again to help local kids with special needs through the power of pizza!  On Wednesday, July 19, all 99 Imo’s Pizza locations participated in Imo’s for Kids Day with 10% of purchases donated to support Variety’s programs. 

At Imo’s Pizza’s storied location on Hampton, Variety Kids Faith and Addie were welcomed by Imo’s CEO Mark Miner and staff.  Fresh off their exciting week of Adventure Camp together, Faith and Addie created their own pizza masterpieces on live television thanks to our friends at FOX 2.

Faith shared that her favorite part of making pizzas was doing it with her best friend, Addie.  Together, these smiley Variety Kids helped promote Imo’s for Kids Day to the St. Louis community.

For more than two decades, the collaboration between Variety and the Imo’s family has generated over $2 million in support for children with special needs. This year, Imo’s matched their customers donations resulting in $100,000 donation to Variety Kids!

“Variety Kids hold a special place in our hearts, and we are honored to support their mission of providing children with the tools they need to overcome challenges and embrace their full potential,” shared Margie Imo, founder of Imo’s Pizza.

Margie and her team understand that families of children with special needs face enormous financial challenges as they strive to provide for their child’s basic needs to be independent.

“Variety Families count on Imo’s and the community so that their children with special needs can attend camp and have continued access to Variety’s medical equipment, therapy, and performing arts programs,” shared Brain Roy, Executive Director of Variety the Children’s Charity.

The ongoing partnership between Variety and the Imo’s family is celebrated with great pride and gratitude by Variety families. Thanks to this summer’s partnership, kids with disabilities in the St. Louis region have access to vital equipment and therapy, changing their lives forever.

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