Hope for Fiona

Meet Fiona. She is eight years old and loves to laugh, ride her bike, and listen to Taylor Swift. 

Looking at her now, can you believe that she was given just a one percent chance to live to be six months old? 

Before Fiona was even born, doctors told her parents that, if she did survive, she would not have a good quality of life. She would likely be confined to a hospital bed, never speaking or even expressing her emotions. 

That’s because Fiona has an extremely rare combination of diagnoses, including Down syndrome and Semilobar Holoprosencephaly, or HoPE for short. And it is hope that Fiona and her family aren’t short on, which is why they reached out to Variety the Children’s Charity of St. Louis. 

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Fiona has received multiple vital pieces of medical equipment through Variety, each of which are making it possible for her to beat the odds and thrive. She recently said her first word – “mom” – and she is not afraid to let you know what she is feeling with a smile, laugh, or even an eye role. 

A van lift helps her family load her comfortably and securely into the family van so that they can go anywhere and everywhere, from important doctors appointments to fun outings at the park. She uses her therapeutic bike to get outside in her neighborhood, meeting neighboors and socializing with friends while getting exercise and building strength. Other pieces of medical equipment, including an activity chair and a bath chair, are making life a little easier at home. 

But Variety Kids like Fiona still need your help.

When you donate to Variety St. Louis today, you are not just gifting Variety Kids with medical equipment, therapy, and innovative programs, you are also giving their families hope for a bright future ahead.

Please give now – and throughout this season of giving. Thank you.

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