Thankful for New Allies

Variety is thrilled to announce new partnerships with the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of St. Charles County, Productive Living Board of St. Louis County, and The St. Louis Office for Developmental Disability Resources to provide adaptive equipment and assistive technology to children with developmental disabilities!

These public taxing entities, commonly known as “Senate Bill 40 (SB-40) Boards”, enter into funding contracts with agencies – like Variety – that serve individuals with developmental disabilities. While adhering to the state statute that makes their work possible, they leverage resources to understand and meet the changing needs of the local community.

In July of 2021, this collection of County Boards sought proposals to identify new partner agencies to expand adaptive equipment and assistive technology resources in the Greater St. Louis Region. Variety’s foundational equipment program made us a perfect candidate for collaboration to meet this unwavering need for kids with disabilities and their families.

In the final months of 2021, each Board approved funding for Variety to utilize by connecting children with the equipment they need, such as communication devices, wheelchairs, sensory items, and more.

We are so grateful to the DDRB, PLB, and DD Resources for this new partnership, and we look forward to a bright future of serving children with developmental disabilities in our community.

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