Variety Remembers Michael Neidorff

Michael Neidorff’s compassion for children with special needs made him a natural fit for the work we do at Variety. 

For the past 15 years, Variety Kids and families could rely on the steadfast support of Michael and the Centene Charitable Foundation. His personal and professional commitment has made an immeasurable impact on so many children’s lives.

“What a great advocate for Variety Kids and someone who worked tirelessly to ensure St. Louis is a truly inclusive community,” Variety Board Chairman Larry Otto explained upon hearing of Michael’s passing.

To celebrate his dedication and leadership, Michael was named Variety’s Man of the Year in 2012. 

As Executive Director Brian Roy puts it, “He was a true friend to so many children with special needs.” 

Whether personally or through his support with Centene, Michael Neidorff championed Variety’s work and had a special connection with Variety Kids. 

“Whenever he would appear with the children for one of our videos, he was touched by their story and enthralled to talk with them.”  “It was wonderful to watch the interchange between the kids and Michael,” says Roy.  “He would light up with joy at their conversation, and then immediately ask us what more he could do to help.”  

Variety will miss his advocacy of our mission, but we are assured his legacy will endure.

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