Érica la exploradora

As spring draws near and the weather starts to get warmer, people are starting to get outside. Whether by foot or by bike, many are hitting the trails to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Until recently, however, this wasn’t an option for Variety Teen Erica.

Erica uses a wheelchair to get around. Her wheelchair is great for everyday use, but she isn’t able to take it everywhere she wants to go. So, Variety has provided her with a stroller that will take her where her wheelchair cannot. And it is also making it possible for her to spend more time with her family.

With the stroller, Erica is now able to enjoy the wildlife on rougher hiking trails that are not accessible by wheelchair. Her dad, Eric, and her siblings often take her out jogging with them. And the stroller even has an attachment that connects to an adult bicycle so that Erica can join in on family bike rides.

“She can be with the group instead of staying behind and watching,” says Eric.

Erica is loving being outside but being outside and participating in activities with her family makes it even better. She is able to explore the world a little easier, all thanks to Variety and our supporters.

“Without Variety’s assistance, Erica wouldn’t be able to expand her outside activity with the family,” Eric says. “We are so grateful for Variety. Thank you!”

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