Christian Communicates

Variety Kid Christian may not speak verbally, but that doesn’t mean he can’t communicate in his own way. His communication device is his voice, and he takes it wherever he goes. 

This device is operated using gaze nystagmus, which means that Christian moves his eyes to activiate it and express himself. This also means that his communication device must always be in the perfect position, something that isn’t always feasible.

That’s where Christian’s new wheelchair mount, provided with help from Variety, comes in. The mount attaches directly onto his wheelchair, and is easily adjustable, ensuring that his communication device is secured in the ideal spot. And, because Christian uses his wheelchair to get where he needs to go, he now always has his communication device with him. 

“The mount attachement on his wheelchair allows Christian to communicate at all times since he is wheelchair-bound 100 percent of the time, except for when he is in bed,” explains Amy, Christian’s mom. 

She continues, “Christian is now able to take his AAC device to school, summer camp, restaurants, and leisure activities to allow him to express his needs and wants, and likes and dislikes.”

And the smiles in the photos Amy shared with us say it all – Christian is so thankful to be able to easily communicate with others whenever, wherever, 

This mount attachement was made possible by our supporters through our Durable Medical Equipment program. You can learn more about this program, and how you can get or give help today, here.

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