TherHappy Kids


97% of Variety Kids learned new skills in their therapy sessions that carried over into their everyday lives.

Variety’s TherHappy Kids program gives Variety Kids access to therapy services that teach skills to assist them in everyday life. There are a wide range of therapies, both in-person and virtual, made available through Variety’s trusted and approved therapists, each giving Variety Kids the opportunity to expand what they thought to be possible.

Physical therapy focuses on balance, strength, flexibility and mobility. Occupational therapy places attention on everyday skills and tasks. Speech therapy works on developing new words, speech patterns and more. And aqua therapy and equine-assisted therapy provide a combination of the above, in a unique and interesting setting, to further a child’s abilities.

Through therapy, social skills are also improved as a child learns how to speak or finds new ways to play with friends. Variety Kids also build up their self-esteem and independence as they get more comfortable in their surroundings. 

Overall, TherHappy Kids focuses on the “ability” rather than the “disability,” making it possible for each child to more fully participate in his or her world. 

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“Therapy gives Lexi the confidence to be a normal person. She can keep up with her friends and classmates.” – Gina, Lexi’s mom