Who’s Eligible for My Voice®?

Variety’s My Voice® program provides a communication device (a restricted iPad with access limited to one prescribed communication app) to children who are have a communication disorder and benefit from use of assistive technology to communicate in St. Louis City or St. Charles County.  Devices are provided at no cost to families who meet all eligibility requirements including demonstrated financial need and a Letter of Medical Justification.  Variety works with the child’s Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) to customize the device for each child’s specific needs.


Variety currently offers the My Voice® program to residents of St. Louis City and St. Charles County ONLY.


Individuals must be between the ages 3-20 when applying.


Documented communication disorder by the child’s licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, preferably ASHA Certified.


Submit a completed Variety Adaptive Equipment Application including financial documentation.

Household Income

Like Variety’s other financial assistance programs (Medical Equipment/TherHappy Kids), the My Voice® program prioritizes children of households with an Adjusted Gross Income of $85,000 or less.  Variety’s Review Team considers applications above that threshold on an individual basis.  All applicants are required to provide documented proof of income.

Letter of Medical Justification (LMJ)

The Letter of Medical Justification (LMJ) should be written by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who is currently working with the child.  The SLP should have evaluated and/or trialed the use of a communication app with the child. The SLP must make a specific recommendation for the app the child should be granted.

What should the LMJ include?

The LMJ should include the author’s full name, title, any related credentials, organization name, phone number, and email address. The LMJ must be printed on letterhead, signed, and dated by the child’s SLP who should describe:

  • A brief summary of the child’s documented diagnoses and/or communication disorder, as well as information on their specific communication needs.
  • Information on whether the child has previously used an iPad as a communication device. If so, what communication app(s) were used/trialed.
  • The LMJ must state that an iPad and the prescribed communication app are appropriate for the child to use as a communication device.
  • Which application is being recommended, including information on any add-ons (For instance TouchChat with Words for Life as an add on). Variety takes the recommendation of the communication app directly from the SLP.
  • If the child will need any extra items like a wheelchair mount or keyguard to be able to access the device. If so, the specific item with a web link should be included. Variety may not be able to accommodate this portion of the request depending on cost and availability.
  • Where the device should be delivered. Variety will deliver the device in person or by mail to the child’s SLP. The SLP can customize the app for the specific child before presenting it to them.

*Please return the Letter of Medical Justification to Julie Thompkins by:

Mail: 11840 Westline Industrial Drive, Suite 220, St. Louis, MO 63146

Fax: (314) 375-9557

Email: equipment@varietystl.org


A consultation with Variety’s staff may be required with the parent/guardian and/or the licensed SLP for more information.

Presentation of Device

If approved, Variety will deliver the device to the child’s SLP for further customization, and the SLP will arrange a time to present it to the child/family.

Apply Now

QUESTIONS? Contact Health Services Manager, Julie Thompkins, at 314-720-7708 or Equipment@VarietySTL.org.

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