MacKenzie’s Power Wheelchair Brings Independence and Fun

Like many people, Variety Teen MacKenzie hasn’t been outside much since March. MacKenzie’s manual wheelchair did not give her the freedom to move easily, making it difficult for her to even enjoy the outdoors around her own home.

Recently, however, MacKenzie received a power wheelchair with help from Variety and our supporters. This power wheelchair only makes for a smoother, quicker ride for MacKenzie, it also elevates her to new heights. All of this combined has immensely increased her independence and also makes staying safe at home a bit more bearable.

“MacKenzie has enjoyed being outside during the pandemic thanks to Variety,” says Gina, MacKenzie’s mom. “She plays cornhole and takes walks with her new power wheelchair.”

Inside the home, the power chair helps MacKenzie reach dinnerware to cook and get her own drinks. She even offered to clean the windows since she can reach all the way to the top!

“She loves that she can do it all on her own without having to ask for help,” says Gina.

MacKenzie’s big smile says it all – this vital piece of medical equipment has already made a huge difference in her life!

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