Jada’s Every Day PossAbilities

Doctors used to tell Jada’s mom, Candice, that Jada would be a “lay baby.” By that, they meant she would do little more than lay on the floor due to her diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

To that, Candice had one word – “No!” She refused to believe that her daughter couldn’t be something more.

Today, Jada is 17 years old. And she is far from being a “lay baby.” Jada loves to shop, read books, watch movies and go just about anywhere. She also enjoys being around people and making new friends.

“She wants to be like other kids,” says Candice. “She wants to do the normal things and be with everyone else.”

Jada’s standing power wheelchair, made possible through support from Variety and our donors, is helping her do all of those everyday things that so many people take for granted. For the first time in her life, Jada is able to join in and stand at eye level with her peers, as well as use the microwave, hang up her clothes and reach the top shelves at her favorite bookstore. One day, she hopes to be able to go grocery shopping by herself and have a job at the library.

 “I want her to be able to do everything on her own because that is what she wants,” says Candice. “There is no limit to the things she can do.”

The power wheelchair, which Jada just received this December, is also making a world of difference during the pandemic. Jada is unable to go to school because she is vulnerable to the coronavirus. But that also means that she is unable to access the stander in her classroom – a vital tool she uses every day to ensure her muscles are as flexible and strong as possible.

Because her old power wheelchair didn’t stand, Jada hasn’t been able to stand up since the pandemic began in March of 2020. Her muscles have become tight, making it difficult and uncomfortable for her to move independently. But, thanks to this new standing chair, Jada is on her way back to strength and mobility.

“It means everything to us to have this equipment,” Candice says. “Without Variety, life would be so much harder.”

With support from generous donors like you, we are able to help Variety Teens like Jada achieve their “Every Day PossAbilities.” Make a gift now so that she and other children and teens with disabilities can get the tools they need to thrive. If you donate by May 16, your gift will be automatically matched by the Steward Family Foundation to have double the impact!

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