Emerson Resource Center

Powered by Emerson, the Emerson Resource Center provides parents and caregivers of children with disabilities with tools to help them navigate the challenges of caring for someone with unique needs. This includes the ability to communicate directly with advocates who can connect them to help with housing, transportation, education, recreation, funding, and other support. The referral service is supported by books in addition to connections to service providers.

Variety Family Conference

A once-a-year educational program featuring speakers on topics pertinent to families and care givers. For more information, visit our Events page or contact Robin Diehl via email.

Pedia Pals

Outreach project where Variety staffers visit pediatrician offices to outline the various programs Variety offers. To schedule a visit with your practice, contact Julie Thompkins via email.

Independent Learning Resources

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Variety’s Emerson Resource Center gathered an extensive list of free or low cost resources covering a variety of subjects. The list includes virtual field trips, educational shows and games, and other fun resources. Click here to view the resource list.

The life of a parent of a special needs child is always changing and Variety has really shown us that you all are in this with us

Sarah, Variety Kid Will’s Mom