Variety hires Chief Program Officer

St. Louis (Dec. 15, 2017) –Variety the Children’s Charity has chosen Susan Schuh, PhD MHA, as Chief Program Officer. Schuh has a PhD in Cellular and Developmental Biology from Stony Brook University, and a Masters, Health Administration from Washington University School of Medicine. She has prior experience at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and Ascension Health.

This new position will be responsible for the overall management and administration of our medical equipment offerings and core programs, including our Adventure Camp, Performing Arts, and TherHappy Kids. Ms. Schuh will be a part of Variety’s executive leadership team and responsible for the creation of visionary programs that align with our organizational and strategic goals.

Variety is St. Louis’ best resource for kids with disabilities and their families. Variety focuses on four core areas to help kids reach their full potential: providing medical equipment, the therapy to use it, and developing unique educational y recreational programs. We change kid’s lives by improving skills, socialization, self-esteem y independencia. For more information, visit

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