Chorus and Dance 2022

Registration for the Variety Chorus and Dance Programs is OPEN! These performance programs provide a chance for local kids and teens (ages 8-20) of all abilities to sing, dance and perform on stage for audiences around the St. Louis area, all while making new friends, building confidence, and learning new skills.

The Children’s Chorus gives kids the chance to learn basic music theory, choral techniques, and musical performance skills, all while adapting to their specific needs. The Dance Program is designed to meet every child where they are at and expand their understanding of musical theatre dance. Each class is 45 mins and includes a warm up, technique, and choreography for dance numbers that will be performed at the end of each semester. These talented groups meets weekly throughout the school year and are led by experienced area music and theatre directors.

All skill levels and beginners are welcome! Please note that all kids must have the ability to listen and follow direction in order to meet the basic program requirements for participation. Click here to learn more about the programs, sessions, and placement information.

We’re ready to give kids the tools they need to unlock their inner performer and learn the basics of music, theatre, dance, choreography, and so much more! Registration is open through September 11th.


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