Celebrating 90 Years of Impact

In December 1933, our extraordinary history began.

We are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone as Variety St. Louis reaches its 90th year of dedicated service to children with special needs.

Our generous community refuses to let children with disabilities go unnoticed.  Compassionate individuals, like YOU, empower children with the tools to safely navigate the world, proudly express themselves, and unleash their full potential!

To meet children’s evolving needs year after year, Variety has adapted to create innovative and unique program offerings to maximize the impact for families.  

  • 1933 – Variety St. Louis founded
  • 1966 – First Variety Telethon aired
  • 2000 – Variety Children’s Chorus formed
  • 2004 – Adventure Camp established
  • 2012 – TherHappy Kids program started
  • 2023 – Variety directly serves record number of families

As we celebrate nine decades of commitment to local children and their families, we look forward to what more we can achieve together. Imagine the life-changing impact we can make possible…

  • 90 more minutes of therapy, so a child can confidently take their next step.
  • 90 more camp sessions, so 90 more friends can be included.
  • 90 more safety beds, so 90 more households can sleep through the night.
  • 90 more communication devices, so 90 more children can say “I Love You.”

Families have come to rely on Variety, but we need your help to meet the unprecedented demand.  We invite you to celebrate 90 years of impact but also propel us into the future for 90 more. 

As an advocate for Variety Kids, you have the power to make an impact that will last a lifetime.  Donate or start a fundraiser today! 


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