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Chief Program Officer (CPO)

Variety The Children’s Charity of St. Louis, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is seeking an ideal candidate for the position of Chief Program Officer (CPO). The Variety CPO reports directly to Variety’s Executive Director, and will oversee and supervise all programs that implement Variety’s Core Competencies (i.e., children achieving skills, self-esteem, socialization, and independence). He/She will oversee and manage Variety’s St. Louis-based programs regarding their design, assessment, evaluation, analysis, modifications, and enhancements. Those programs include: Variety Children’s Chorus, Adventure Camp, Variety Children’s Theatre, Community Connections, Emerson Resource Center, Bikes for Kids, Medical Equipment, Sunshine Coach Vans, and TherHappy Kids. 

Duties of the Position:  The Variety CPO will be expected to research and develop uniform program assessments that measure and validate outcomes of Variety Core Competency initiatives, and that evaluate Variety programs; review/critique current assessment procedures that identify, inform, and improve measurements and focus on measurable outcomes that will direct continuous improvement initiatives; identify strengths & challenges for each program and ROI based on measurable impact and revenue deployed; and determine programs to be enhanced or modified. In addition, the Variety CPO is expected to engage independent consultants, as necessary, to verify and help resolve unmet needs of children with disabilities (birth-age 21), and collaborate with the Variety Des Lee Endowed Professor for Disabilities to create a community assessment plan that addresses, examines, and resolves gaps in service. Ultimately, the Variety CPO will work in tandem with the Variety administrative team and its stakeholders to increase and best serve, through highly-impactful Variety programs, the population of Greater St. Louis Area children with disabilities.  

Position Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree that represents learned, contemporary skills in program design and administration, or like focus
  • Ten years of extensive experience in leadership and use of data-driven research applications
  • Record of demonstrated astute supervisory, planning, and oral and written communication skills 

Preferred Attributes:

  • Experience working with children with disabilities, their families, and associations that assist special populations of children (birth-age 21)
  • Record of demonstrated understanding of program operations and communication tools that are dedicated to disability community involvement, collaboration, and vision 

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Review of completed applications (those that include all information noted below) will begin September 6th, and continue until the position is filled, with the intention of employing the Variety CPO in Fall, 2016.

Application Information:

Applicants, please send electronically: cover letter that summarizes your fit to this position’s defined (above) duties, requirements, and preferred attributes; current résumé that identifies the phone numbers and email addresses of at least three references, and salary history to Patricia Kopetz, the Variety Des Lee Endowed Professor: