Mireya’s Journey to Independence

Variety camps are a great way for kids and teens to gain independence, have new experiences, and develop lifelong friendships. No one knows this better than Mireya, a long time Variety camper.

Mireya has participated in Adventure Camp for almost eight years, starting when she was just five years old. Summer camp has played a huge role in Mireya’s life, offering experiences that she and her family never thought possible. Mireya is able to form interpersonal relationships and friendships by interacting with other kids and camp staff. This is an important skill the program aims to develop beyond just the weeks they attend camp.  

Mireya’s mom, Lacesha, is amazed to see all the awesome activities the kids can do! Camp staff encourage kids to step outside of their comfort zone and try things that may seem intimidating in other settings. Day trips around St. Louis, going fishing, playing games, and learning camp songs and dances are great opportunities for campers to strengthen their confidence in a safe, supportive environment.

This growth in Mireya’s self-confidence has been noticed by many people in her life!

Lacesha explains that it is often difficult for Mireya to be truly independent because she cannot always advocate for herself. But Variety has helped Mireya find her voice and the confidence to express what she needs and wants!

Camp staff devote time to the children, work with them through each session, and help them grow and learn.

Mireya describes Adventure Camp as “really fun, and just amazing.” Without the opportunity to attend these sessions, Mireya’s family says her life would look very different. Lacesha thanked everyone who makes these camps possible, “Adventure Camp helps kids feel like they have a place to belong.”

**Watch a full video of Lacesha and Mireya here.** Adventure Camp is right around the corner! Learn more about this Variety program and consider signing up to be a Camp Counselor!

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