Welcome to Variety, Michelle!

We are excited to announce Michelle Learned as one of two new Health Services Care Coordinators! In her role, Michelle will be working on the Durable Medical Equipment Program, providing funding for a wide range of vital tools to kids with disabilities.

Michelle’s experience prepared her well for this position. She spent 10+ years working with Durable Medical Equipment — providing service coordination, processing work orders for medical equipment, assisting with the billing process, and navigating insurance coverage with families. Her heart for the people behind each piece of equipment shines through her work. With my knowledge and expertise, I can assist people in understanding and navigating the medical equipment world and help take some of the worry and unknown out of the situation. For me this is the best feeling: knowing you have helped someone and positively affected their lives.”

At Variety, Michelle is excited to have a “new view” of the medical equipment process – one that involves funding the actual equipment. “So many times, families have to fight for things that should be necessary items in their kids’ lives.” Now, Michelle has the joy of relieving families of these burdens and watching kids better access the world around them!

Michelle is surrounded by a crew of amazing people and puppies. What started as a blind date in 2004 turned into 17 years of marriage to her husband, Bob. They have two cocker spaniel/terrier mix dogs, Mable and Dipper, who are full of energy and bring so much happiness to their hearts and home. Michelle considers herself the luckiest aunt in the word and enjoys cooking for them and other loved ones. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday!

There is an extra spark of joy at Variety since Michelle started in her new role. In many ways, Michelle has adopted Hellen Keller’s saying as her own, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” We are happy to welcome Michelle to our team, so that together, we can accomplish much for Kids with disabilities. We look forward to introducing her to many of you in the coming months.

If you wish to reach Michelle, you can reach her by email or phone 314-720-7710.

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