The Variety staff is inspired each and every day by the families we serve. Please contact any of us should you need help.

To read more about Jan Albus, our Chief Executive Officer, view her biography.


“There aren't many who can say that they go into work each day and are inspired.  That’s just what these Variety kids and their parents are…inspiring!”

Executive Director

Brian Roy



“It’s an honor and a privilege to work each day for the children of Variety.  The joy for me comes in seeing them reach their full potential in mind, body, and spirit.  Their parents are my heroes – always positive and appreciative of everything we do for the mission.”

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Albus



“It makes me happy to know that all our efforts here at Variety helps some sweet munchkin…there’s always something new and exciting going on at Variety!”

Executive Assistant

Patty Haeffner 



“Variety is a blessing for so many reasons to me.   Just knowing what our families deal with every day, you see the appreciation and thankfulness in their faces, the joy and smiles in the children Variety serves.  What more could you want in a job.  I love working for Variety.”

Accounting Manager

Karen Haglin 



“Every time you donate to Variety, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. I am grateful to cast my vote and my talents for this incredible charity.”

Chief Financial Officer

Christina Altholz 



"Linking the generous heart of our donors to the heart of Variety’s mission is what makes the magic happen.  I believe in our donors, our kids, and the thrilling work that happens here every day."

Chief Development Officer

Brett Schott, CFRE



“Coming to work and knowing that what I am doing is not only helping Variety Kids, but entire families as well, is extremely rewarding. We partner with our Variety families to enable each child we serve to attain his or her full potential, and I believe that makes our community even stronger.”

Chief Program Officer

Susan M. Schuh, PhD, MHA



"Variety nurtures kids’ hopes and dreams, supports the whole family, incorporates the magic of the Arts, and helps kids to just be kids! It’s an honor to connect caring donors with such a meaningful mission!"

Senior Manager of Philanthropy

Mary Murawski



"Being part of creating "possibilities" for children is a dream come true. Observing firsthand the independence, creativity, socialization, increased self-confience and smiles of children warms my heart."

Senior Program Manager

Robin Diehl


“Variety is doing amazing things by redefining ability and reimagining possibility. There is simply something magical about coming to work every day and knowing that I am doing something to help these amazing kids.”

Senior Communications Manager

Kara Schmid



“I love being a part of this organization because my position combines two of my favorite things - creating unique designs and helping others. It's so great that I get to help show our community just how awesome Variety Kids are!"

Graphics Manager

Madison Martinez



"It’s truly a great feeling to know that what we do helps provide such amazing services for these kiddos and their families. Variety has such an amazing impact on the community and the families it serves – it’s a St. Louis treasure."

Data Systems Manager

Tom Wombacher




"Variety provides such incredible programs to a group of people who are often marginalized. I am proud to be a part of this team that is so committed to providing life-changing services to children with special needs!"

Manager of Annual & Foundation Giving

Tim Bommarito  




"Here at Variety, I get to be part of an awesome team that gets to change kiddos lives through having fun!"

Program Team Specialist

Britt Velasquez  




"At Variety, I get the chance to create the programs that parents have told me they wish existed or were more accessible for their kids. We're helping change and improve the lives of some very special people every day and I am happy to be a part of it!"

Program Coordinator

Maureen "Mo" Taylor  




"I truly enjoy going to work every day for an organization that provides such amazing services for these wonderful kids and their families."



Kathy Payne