Standing Tall

Imagine doing everything for your teenager. From combing hair to going to the bathroom to even just standing up. Imagine doing all of this for twins.

That’s everyday life for Sheli and Todd and their seventeen-year-old twins, Zach and Matt, who both have cerebral palsy.

“I don’t get any days off,” says Sheli. "And they don't get any days without me."

But thanks to Variety and two new power wheelchairs that can stand up, Zach and Matt are now able to stand on their own for the very first time. They finally know a life with independence, and that’s making a big difference for them, and for their parents.

With your help, we give Zach and Matt, and other Variety Kids and Teens, the chance to be more. More independent. More confident.

And to stand tall.

Give today to help local kids and teens with disabilities gain the access to vital medical equipment, therapy and programs that empower them to live amazing lives. You can learn more about Zach and Matt's story on our blog and watch their inspiring video here. Imagine the impact that gifts from 150 individuals could have. Our goal is to reach 150 donations by the end of 2018 - can you help us help Variety Kids?