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This is longer than our usual post, but, then again, this is no ordinary post. It's an essay Variety chorus member Allison wrote to include with her college application. Think she's going to make a fine addition to some school's class of 2021. **************... Read More »
* Truth be told, we're probably a little guilty of highlighting wheelchairs and walkers and van lifts when we talk about the equipment we help provide for kids with special needs. They do show up better in photos. But for... Read More »
* So thrilled to be able to provide Variety kid Kaci with a brand-new, wheelchair-compatible van, and more importantly, more freedom and independence. Our friends at FOX2/KPLR 11 covered the event, which you can view here.
  Belle Remember, Belle's Beauty Tips are sponsored worldwide by Variety Children's Theatre, presenting Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Oct. 21-23. Ticket info here.
1 In recognition of World Cerebral Palsy day, we're sharing this link.
We asked former Variety kid Mallory to write a review of the new ABC show, "Speechless." Here it is, in advance of episode 3, "B-O-N–BONFIRE," which airs tonight at 7:30 on Channel 30. * I have really enjoyed both episodes of... Read More »
Nancy Kranzberg At the most recent meeting of Variety's Board of Directors, Board member Nancy Kranzberg got quite the surprise as Board President Larry Otto presented her with the Presidential Award from Variety... Read More »
* Just like the New York Times, all the news that's fit to print. And no comic strips. See Spotlight here.
  Mrs. Potts Mrs. Potts is filled to the brim with joy on hearing that one performance of the upcoming Variety Children's Theatre production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a sell out. That would be the Friday morning... Read More »
  That Belle. She's a beauty. And a brain.


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