spina bifida

1 In recognition of World Cerebral Palsy day, we're sharing this link.
We asked former Variety kid Mallory to write a review of the new ABC show, "Speechless." Here it is, in advance of episode 3, "B-O-N–BONFIRE," which airs tonight at 7:30 on Channel 30. * I have really enjoyed both episodes of "... Read More »
Nancy Kranzberg At the most recent meeting of Variety's Board of Directors, Board member Nancy Kranzberg got quite the surprise as Board President Larry Otto presented her with the Presidential Award from Variety International... Read More »
* Just like the New York Times, all the news that's fit to print. And no comic strips. See Spotlight here.
  Mrs. Potts Mrs. Potts is filled to the brim with joy on hearing that one performance of the upcoming Variety Children's Theatre production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a sell out. That would be the Friday morning show... Read More »
  That Belle. She's a beauty. And a brain.
  Belle Belle is wise. Listen to her.
1 We asked St. Louis native Jason Michael Evans, the Beast in our upcoming production of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," what drew him to Variety Children's Theatre. What he said was very un-Beastlike: "What I love about... Read More »
We made this video for two audiences: for those who want to know what Variety does, and those who want to watch kids have fun. Luckily, they’re usually the same. 1
1 Thanks to Wehrenberg for all the space they've given us in their various locations to promote the Variety Children's Theatre production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Our signs are just about as ubiquitous as the smell of... Read More »


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