Mary Poppins

HEC-TV will broadcast their supercalifragilisticexpialidocious piece on our production of "Mary Poppins" in January. But card-carrying cord-cutters, and anybody who can't wait, can watch it online right now.  
The "Two On the Aisle" guys from HEC-TV gave our Mary Poppins production a very nice review, which starts at the 7:35 mark.
If you haven't decided whether to see Mary Poppins this weekend, read this.  
Happy to announce that, again this year, MindsEye, an information service for the blind and visually impaired, is helping Variety Children's Theatre reach a wider audience with its musical production. Attendees at either show on Friday will be able to "see"... Read More »
Come to any Variety Children’s Theatre performance of Mary Poppins at the Touhill (except the Friday matinee) and get your picture taken with the lovely Miss P. Expect your ‘eart to start beatin’ like a big brass band. Photo ops start one hour before... Read More »
Some of the stars of the upcoming Variety Children's Theatre production of Mary Poppins dropped by Channel 11 yesterday on the "Afternoons on 11" show. Here are a couple of behind-the-scenes shots. If you want to see what went out over the air, click here. 
Thanks to Variety mom Michello Fiudo for taking the time to pen the following: "Do you want to have a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time? Now is the time to buy your tickets to see Disney's Broadway musical of Mary Poppins presented by Variety Children's... Read More »
Remember Variety kid Selah? She took flight in the Variety Children's Theatre production of Peter Pan back in 2013. She's not scheduled to fly in this year's show, Mary Poppins, but we expect Selah to find some way to soar. Hope you can make it for one of... Read More »
Just about the only way Elizabeth DeRosa would be more perfect for the role of Mary Poppins is if her real name was, in fact, Mary Poppins. It’s not, of course. And she’s not English, either. Still, could Variety Children’s Theatre have chosen a better Mary... Read More »
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