kids with special needs

bike application fotor.jpg In the fall, we give away therapeutic bikes to Variety kids who need them. In the summer, those kids come in to see which bike works best for them, and get measured so the bike can be customized to... Read More »
Even better, you helped light up her face!
What do you tell your kids at night? Sleep tight? Sleep well? Sleep safe? Thanks to another invaluable donation from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, more parents of Variety kids can now say those things with confidence. That’s because Anthem, through their... Read More »
We give our kids the chance to have a lot of different/great experiences, and this is the thanks we get. So fortunate.
We gave some of our Variety kids the task of starring in a promotional spot for Wehrenberg Theatres that encourages moviegoers to turn off their phones. You can see it here (all versions, plus outtakes) before it starts playing before every movie at every... Read More »
This weekend Parkway Central was Part-in-Play Central as auditions were held for this year's Variety Children's Theatre production. Callback notices go out this week. Good luck!
The last hurrah in our former location starred rubber-chicken-loving Variety kid Nick. The entire staff decorated rubber chickens and gave them to him as a token of our appreciation for Nick's on-stage money-raising efforts at Dinner with the Stars. Right... Read More »
...when Variety Children's Theatre brings you Beauty and the Beast.
In honor of our 50th anniversary Dinner with the Stars, coming up this weekend. Video's here.
Variety's Children's Chorus performed at the Council of Exceptional Children's National Conference, ahead of featured speaker Temple Grandin.


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