Gold Heart Pins

Variety's Executive Director Brian Roy, and Variety kid Holly, were back on FOX2 and KPLR 11's mid-day news shows today, urging everyone to support the kids we help by purchasing Gold Heart Pins at any Marcus Wehrenberg Theatre. Pins come in 2 different... Read More »
◊ Today's the day this year's Variety Gold Heart Pins go on sale at Wehrenberg Theatres. Each pin features a Smurf from the upcoming "Smurfs: The Lost Village" movie. These pins are being sold across the country, and are a... Read More »
Sony Pictures has collaborated with Variety - the Children's Charity of the United States to create limited-edition pins featuring two iconic characters from The Smurfs. As always, proceeds from the Gold Heart Pins campaign will benefit Variety programs that... Read More »
Don't just buy a Gold Heart pin for the face it bears, but for the faces it benefits. Just $3 at any Wehrenberg Theatre.
Cooler than an ICEE. Easier to stick on your clothes than a Milk Dud. And sales of them help Makenzie and other kids with special needs. They just might be the perfect concession item. They're Variety Gold Heart pins. And you can get them at any Wehrenberg... Read More »
Our long-time theatrical partner, Wehrenberg Theaters, sold a stellar amount of Gold Heart Pins this year—$130,750 to be precise! Thanks to them, and their amazing employees, who help make a big difference for special needs kids right here in St. Louis!... Read More »
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